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The DDC awards stars for its veterans

As the only Doggenclub worldwide the DDC awards stars for its veterans. In total there are nearly 500 Great Danes in our database, whose age older than 8 years has been proven. If your dog has turned eight years or older, please report it to the studbook office with this form so that the veteran's star (* V) can be entered in the master data of your dog. In the pedigrees of the ancestors of this * V, it will then be possible to see if they have turned eight years or older. Many veteran stars on the pedigree are therefore that the dogs from this line have become old.
That's why the veteran star is especially interesting for breeders. So the next time you drive to the vet with your senior to vaccinate or show him at a veteran class CAC show, just take our form, have it filled out by the vet or breeding judge and then send it to the studbook office.

The basis of this idea: We want to enable breeders and puppy buyers to recognize with a view on the pedigree, whether the potential breeding partner or the new puppy comes from a long-lived line. So far, extensive research on the Internet was necessary for this. For breeders, it is an important means in their breeding to check longevity.

Unfortunately, we can not award veteran stars "on demand". We already need proof that the dogs are older than eight years old.
For veterans who have already died, the registration process is already complicated. If you have reported the death of your dog to our breed warden as stipulated in our statutes, then you only need an e-mail to Daniela Zevens. If the dog is not reported as deceased, then please see if you have any documents about the date of death that you can send to our breed warden.

Further information can be found via this link

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