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Breeding-Assesment Darmstadt 2023-02-04

Breeding Assesment Erwitte 2022-12-03

Breeding Assesment Stuhr 2022-09-25

Breeding Assesment Wuppertal 2022-08-13

Breeding Assesment Lage 2022-06-25

Breeding Assesment Kahla 2022-04-09

Breeding Assesment Oberhausen 2022-03-26

Breeding Assesment Nienburg/Holtorf 2022-03-06

Breeding Assesment Darmstadt 2022-02-05

Breeding Assesment Erwitte 2021-12-04

Breeding Assesment Darmstadt 2021-10-30

Breeding Assessment Nienburg 2021-10-03

Breeding Assessment Calvörde 2021-09-18

Breeding assessment Stolberg 2021-08-14

Breeding Assesment Bochum 2021-06-20

Breeding Assesment Schweinfurt 2021-06-12

Breeding assesment Stuhr 2021-05-16

Breeding Assesment Stolberg 2021-03-20

Breeding Assesment Gießen 2020-02-06

Breeding Assesment Lage 2020/12/06

Breeding Assesment Gießen 2020-10-24

Breeding Assesment Kahla 2020-09-27

Breeding Assesment Holtorf 2020-09-20

Breeding Assesment Oberhausen August 2020

Breeding assessment Stolberg March 21st 2020

Breeding Assessment February 1st in Darmstadt

Breeding Assessment November 30th in Bochum

Breeding Assesment October 26th in Gießen

Breeding Assesment September 8th in Holtorf

Breeding Assesments August 17th in Oberhausen

Breeding Assesments May 30th in Erwitte

Breeding-Assesment May 4th in Pleißa

Judges: R. Förtsch and G. Schwabe

Breeding Assesments March 30th in Oberhausen

Breeding assesments March 3rd 2019 in Holtorf

Breeding assesments Februar 2nd 2019 in Darmstadt

Körmeister: Romy Förtsch und Horst Fischbach

Breeding assesments in Lage am Dezember 8th 2018

Körmeister: Dr. Horst Hollensteiner und Daniela Zevens


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